Tempestt Sanders

REALTOR® / Credit Counselor

About Tempestt

Introducing Tempestt Sanders, your trusted credit counselor with a passion for guiding individuals and businesses towards financial freedom. While currently excelling as a full-time professional real estate agent with JM Realty since 2020, Tempestt's journey began in the field of credit counseling. With a strong background in helping clients overcome debt-related challenges, she has empowered numerous individuals and businesses to regain control of their finances.

Tempestt's professionalism and extensive knowledge in real estate and credit counseling makes her a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their financial well-being. She understands the complexities of debt management and is dedicated to finding personalized solutions that fit each client's unique situation.

As a graduate of the esteemed Troyer School of Real Estate, Tempestt combines her expertise in credit counseling with her passion for real estate. She has a deep understanding of investment strategies and has built her own successful investment portfolio. This firsthand experience allows her to relate to the needs and aspirations of investors, as well as inspire others to embark on their investment journeys.

With Tempestt Sanders as your Realtor, you can expect unparalleled guidance and support in your quest for financial stability. Whether you're looking to resolve debt-related challenges or explore real estate investment opportunities, she is committed to helping you achieve your goals and create a secure financial future.

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